PHP Introduction

This is the introductory tutorial of PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) for the beginners.Here we will get the basic knowledge of What is PHP,where we use this and what are the requirements to run the PHP application.

PHP is one of the most popular server side scripting language which is usually used to show dynamic content on the page.This is the open source scripting language that can be embedded into HTML.
From motivational point of view, after learning PHP you can do a lot of projects and earn because it is so easy to learn and implement. Many web portals and CMS are developed in this language. like wordpress,opencart,zencart etc

Ways to run PHP application.

One way is to purchase the service from godaddy or any other hosting service provider and host your files on the hosting server and go live with your application but this is usually done after developing and testing your application on the local machine which is the second way to run your application and to run the application on the local machine you need to install xampp server or wamp server.
This application will start the server in your machine and give you the folder where you place your file and host in that server.

After installing this application in the default directory run the application and start the Apache and MySQL. Create a folder in “C:/xampp/htdocs “(which is usually the default installation directory but you can change it as well) and place your php files in that folder. By default we can access those files but typing “localhost:8080/FOLDERNAME/FILENAME” but we can change the port number other than “8080” by manipulating the config.php file which we will disscuss in other tutorial “How To Change Port Number In Xampp and Wamp Server“.

NOTE: If port you are trying to use is already reserved then you must have to change this port to run your application.



In the next tutorial we will discuss “How To Run Your First PHP Application“.

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